Providing Award-Winning Homecare Services

Degenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons disease,
Lou Gehrigs disease, Alzheimers, and others are known for
the toll they take on individuals and their loved ones.

Many patients with degenerative diseases require aid for:

  • Bathing / hygiene
  • Getting dressed
  • Making meals / getting fed
  • Moving around the home safely
  • Managing medications
  • Getting to and from therapy
  • Doing rehabilitative exercises

Managing care between so many medical professionals and therapists can
be challenging. Most families simply dont have the knowledge needed
to coordinate their loved ones care. As a degenerative disease
continues to progress, increased amounts of medical care and monitoring
will be necessary. Homecare can be a vital resource during this time.

The Importance of Homecare

Recent studies have shown that homecare can be very beneficial for individuals
and their families, allowing them to manage degenerative diseases from
home. At Qualicare, we provide families with the ability to cost-efficiently
provide for their loved ones with effective, high-level healthcare management.