Kirsteen Birkett is a people person. Her approach and manner in dealing
with people are what make her a natural fit to lead the Qualicare Guelph
team as their Managing Director. Her work as a researcher at both at the
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto and the Homewood Heath
Centre in Guelph includes many years involved in studies of health and
aging. Throughout her years as a researcher, she developed a love for
connecting with people, and a desire to do more to help.

I began to realize during the latter years of my research career,
what I really most enjoyed was working with people. It was far more satisfying
to spend time listening to those who participated in our research and
sharing in their ups and downs than it was to document results and crunch
numbers, says Kirsteen. I really like to be with and help
people, and Qualicare is providing me the opportunity to do just that.

Further driving home the need to make a difference was Kirsteens
experience with her own fathers aging and passing. Being distant
from her parents who lived on Vancouver Island was difficult. When the
time came that her parents needed to explore assisted living options,
Kirsteen discovered a challenging maze to navigate. I certainly
wish I had an advocate who could access services available, work with
local agencies and providers and deal with the medical professionals.
This would have helped in ensuring dignity and peace for my mother and
father in his passing, which occurred in hospital.

Kirsteen and her husband Chas have lived in Guelph for 15 years, raising
three children and spending many hours in arenas and on sports fields
supporting their kids activities. They are active in the local
Guelph community, serving on church, daycare and school councils.

Kirsteen would welcome an opportunity to meet with you to talk about how
Qualicare can help make your life a little bit easier, with peace of mind.