After a stroke, your loved one will require plenty of support”not
only physical support, but also emotional support and cognitive support.
If you are caring for them during their recovery, you may find yourself
balancing your needs and theirs. A strict schedule can often aid in stroke
recovery, but with your busy schedule, it can be a challenge to handle.
You dont need to manage their schedule alone, though. Our highly
qualified caregivers in Folsom can help you manage mealtimes, sleep routines,
medications, physiotherapy, and cognitive rehabilitation so your loved
one can have the best possible outcomes for their recovery.


At Qualicare Sacramento, we’ll connect your family with a qualified and experienced
Care Team who is ready to meet your needs in every way. Our personalized
home health service plans are specially designed to support your loved
ones recovery and meet their unique needs. We also go above and
beyond to support the entire family after this worrisome event. Let us
guide your family through every step of the recovery process.

How We Support Your Whole Family

Its no surprise that a major medical event can come as a shock to
the entire family. The aftermath of a stroke can be especially challenging
to adjust to. That is why our East Sacramento stroke rehabilitation professionals
are ready to not only support and care for your loved one, but also to
offer support and advice to help the whole family come to terms with their
loved ones health. Were prepared to guide your family as
you navigate the changes you experience after a serious health event,
such as a stroke.

Reliable and Caring Stroke Recovery Services

We know that a stroke can be a major change for many families. Our Care
Teams are staffed by highly experienced Caregivers and RNs, and are managed
by trained Nurses to provide knowledgeable and comprehensive support that
you can count on.

Our East Sacramento Care Team offers a number of home care services to
support recovery, including:

  • Assistance with household chores, light cleaning, shopping, and errands
  • Adapting activities and routines to meet the needs of your loved one
  • Full assistance with daily personal care needs, including toileting, bathing,
    grooming, and dressing
  • Calming agitation and emotional outbursts with gentle direction and routines
  • Providing mental stimulation with conversation and recreational activities
  • Providing nutritious meals and assisting with dining
  • Preventing accidents and falls by maintaining a safe living space

Were Here to Answer Your Questions

Still have questions? Dont hesitate to get the answers. Our Care
Team is available to answer your call 24/7. Let Qualicare Sacramento assist
your family now.

Schedule a free in-home consultation when you
contact our office. Call (916) 435-6218.