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A Unique Approach To Homecare

Stroke Rehab Services in West Oakland County

After a stroke, your loved one will need lots of support-physical, emotional, and psychological. Maintaining a strict schedule can often help their recovery, but juggling your responsibilities and their care can overwhelm even the best plans. Managing mealtimes, sleep routines, medications, physiotherapy, and cognitive rehabilitation is critical for their recovery, which is why our West Oakland County stroke rehab team is here to help.

At Qualicare Farmington Hills and Bloomfield, we strive to connect your family with a qualified Care Team that is perfect for your needs. Our Care Plans are specially designed to support your loved one and your whole family after this frightening event and throughout the recovery process.


How We Support the Whole Family

A major medical event is a shock for the entire family, and we know that the aftermath of a stroke can be difficult to adjust to. Our West Oakland County stroke rehab professionals are not only ready to support your loved one, but also to provide a shoulder for the whole family. Let our Care Team guide your family as you navigate the changes that occur after a health event like a stroke.

You Can Count On Our Stroke Rehab Services

A stroke is a major change for many families. That is why we staff our Care Teams with experienced Caregivers, PSWs, and RPNs, and every team is managed by highly trained Care Managers. Our West Oakland County Care Team offers a variety of home care services, including:

  • Assisting with household chores
  • Encouraging mental stimulation with conversation and recreation
  • Adapting activities and routines to suit your loved one’s needs
  • Offering full assistance with daily personal care tasks
  • Soothing agitation and emotional outbursts through gentle direction and routines
  • Providing nutritious meals and dining support
  • Maintaining a safe living space and preventing accidents

Have Questions? Don’t Hesitate to Reach Out

Why wait to get answers to your questions? Our Care Team is available 24/7 to answer your call. Let Qualicare Farmington Hills and Bloomfield assist your family today.

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