woundcareRecovery from a wound or surgery can often last long past when you leave
the hospital. If your recovery has just begun, you may find yourself needing
additional support and care when you arrive home. At Qualicare Farmington Hills and Bloomfield,
our experienced Care Team is ready to help you or your loved one move
home from in-patient care, so you can focus on healing more quickly and
fully. Let us make the transition to in-home care seamless.

Common Wound Care Issues

Wound care is often needed after you have been discharged from the hospital.
This means that it may fall to your family to handle your comfort, hygiene,
and care. If your friends or family arent prepared for this task,
it can quickly grow overwhelming. Our homecare specialists in West Oakland
County can collaborate with your loved ones to overcome the common issues
that delay healing or cause complications.

Get the Support You Need

Our highly qualified team at Qualicare Farmington Hills and Bloomfield has experience with all
aspects of wound management and care. Let us support you throughout your
recovery with appropriate wound treatments and assistive devices so you
can heal properly. We will work carefully with your physician to ensure
that you can expect the best possible outcome for your recovery. Were
here to improve your comfort, prevent complications, and speed the healing process.

When you call Qualicare Farmington Hills and Bloomfield, you can rest easy knowing that our Care
Teams are composed of highly trained and certified Caregivers, PSWs, RPNs,
and Case Managers. We are here to provide compassionate, expert care so
you and your loved ones can focus on your time together and your recovery.

Let Us Help with Your Wound Care Needs in West Oakland County

Supporting a loved one through the healing process can be a challenge,
but you dont have to face it alone. At Qualicare Farmington Hills and Bloomfield, our
professional medical staff can provide expert knowledge and comprehensive
support at every stage. You will always have someone available to answer
your questions and turn to for support with our round-the-clock staff.

Contact our West Oakland County wound care team for a free in-home assessment by calling (313) 254-3297.