Family home care in Detroit

Extra support for the family care team

Qualicare was founded on the concept of family home care — a concept that remains foundational to our vision of care.

We know how impactful home care services can be for our clients’ loved ones, especially those who act as family caregivers. We also know that time with family is crucial to our clients’ well-being, something that we facilitate through our family home care services.

Our Family Home Care Services

Family Care Planning

As part of our commitment to family home care, Qualicare works closely with families during the care planning process. In many cases, a client’s spouse, son or daughter will be involved in determining what care tasks need to be completed.

This not only improves the quality of care that our clients receive, but also makes life more manageable for the whole family. By tending to gaps in care, we can help relieve burdens that would otherwise fall on family members.

Family Care Scheduling

When we develop a client’s 360° Care Plan, we also request family input on scheduling. In designing a care schedule, we want to ensure that the client can maintain their preferred lifestyle. But we also want to make it easier for loved ones to manage their own schedules.

By planning care schedules with family input, we can prevent scheduling gaps where a loved one is left home alone. By ensuring scheduling meets your needs, we can help you find time for important priorities. We also make it easier for clients to spend quality time with their families — an important component of family home care.

Family Care Monitoring

We understand how important it is for families to stay in the loop about their loved ones. To ensure this, we maintain open lines of communication between a client’s Care Expert, care staff, and family members.

This can be particularly important when busy schedules or long distances make it difficult for family members to visit a loved one. In these cases, we can monitor a client’s well-being and provide status updates to loved ones via phone or email in between visits, helping them stay up-to-date.

Respite Care

If you act as an unpaid caregiver for a loved one, it can be difficult to balance this workload with other responsibilities. In fact, family caregivers face such high levels of physical, mental, and emotional strain that “caregiver burnout” has become a widely recognized phenomenon.

Let us help and take a well-deserved break. Respite care allows you to rest, recharge and focus on yourself before getting back to providing care.   We can step in on a part-time or an as-needed basis, making it possible to find time to focus on your own well-being.

Family Caregiver Support

In addition to our respite care services, Qualicare also supports family caregivers in other ways. If you feel that you are at risk for caregiver burnout, we can connect you with local support groups and services designed for family caregivers. We can also refer you to similar support networks for family members of those coping with Alzheimer’s, cancer, or other similar conditions.

Often, our support comes in the form of assisting family members with caregiving duties rather than performing these tasks in their stead. This way, loved ones can remain involved in caregiving, keeping the “family” in family home care.

Tom’s Story

See how the 360° Approach works for Tom.

Tom’s family came to Qualicare worried that, as Tom’s Dementia progressed, they would be unable to care for him from across the country. To help, we worked closely with the entire family on a 360° Care Plan that would allow Tom to keep living at home and for his family to receive updates on Tom’s days. Thanks to Qualicare, Tom continues to live where he feels safest and most comfortable, while his family looks after him from hundreds of miles away.

Tom’s Story

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