At Qualicare Farmington Hills and Bloomfield, we’re dedicated to supporting those living with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease so they can continue to live independently. Our Care Team helps maintain a safe and comfortable environment and provides compassionate care for your loved one, all in the comfort of their own home. Our mission is to offer a better quality of life for our patients by providing caring, comprehensive home-based care.


Support to Help Face Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia

It can be a lonely and challenging experience to face dementia or Alzheimers, but our Care Team is familiar with these struggles and works hard to overcome them. We understand the feeling of realizing that your loved one cannot remember important details, is having difficulty engaging in conversation or is unable to complete familiar tasks. Your family may be the first line of support, but that doesn’t mean you have to handle your loved ones changing cognitive state alone.

At Qualicare Farmington Hills and Bloomfield, we define our quality care by the impact our home health services has on your family’s daily life. We are passionate about providing empathetic support for the whole family, as well as offering expert care for your loved one’s needs.

Our Qualified Care Team is Here to Help!

Caring for a loved one is a labor of love, but we’re here to shoulder the burden so you can go back to being a family. Our comprehensive health and memory care management is designed to gently support your loved one while looking after their every need.

Our highly trained Care Team can:

  • Tackle household chores and tasks
  • Provide nutritious meals and dining assistance
  • Adapt daily routines and activities to fit your loved one’s abilities
  • Soothe agitated emotions and outbursts by establishing routines
  • Provide mental stimulation with conversation and recreation
  • Prevent accidents and maintain a safe environment
  • Assist with personal care activities, including bathing and toileting

Ready to get the support your family deserves? Contact our West Oakland County Alzheimer’s care team by calling (313) 254-3297.