Nurse-Managed Caregivers for High-Need Clients

For families taking care of loved ones with dementia, the demands on your time, resources, and understanding can be steep. People with dementia function best on very strict routines, from what time meals are served to the temperature of the room.

Often, families must tirelessly monitor:

  • How much sleep a loved one gets
  • The lighting of their room
  • Schedule of medical care
  • Schedule of medications
  • Emotional needs, esp. loneliness
  • Meal times
  • Behavior

Due to the complexity of managing dementia, having a professional come alongside you can provide you and your loved one with the support and guidance you need. At Qualicare, our 360° Case Management ensures clients with dementia get comprehensive care that addresses every aspect of their life—nutrition, daily monitoring, medical care, prescription administration, therapy, and more.

For your loved one, our approach means they can receive the consistent and professional care they need to live with dignity and happiness. For your family, our approach means your loved one’s care is handled for you—freeing you to offer the company, emotional support, and affection that only a family member can provide.