Qualicare: We Can Help.

If your loved one is dealing with a serious or complicated medical case,
our team at Qualicare can manage their care and provide counseling and
advocacy services for the whole family. Our team of homecare experts offers
services based on each clients unique needs. We have respect for
our clients and their families, as well as a passion for our work. We
believe in innovation, team work, and shared success. Were here
to be the advocates you and your loved one need and deserve during this time.

How We Deliver Our Services

360° Approach means that we are able to assess clients needs and then provide
complete care supervised by our experienced
Nurse Managers. When you retain our services, we will begin by assessing your familys
unique, individual needs. We will identify and manage the resources your
loved one needs at this time. The Nurse Manager assigned to your case
can also advocate for your familys interests.

Our Nurse Managers deal directly on your behalf with:

  • Hospitals
  • Insurance companies
  • Government agencies

We are experienced, compassionate, and knowledgeable. It is our job to
organize and oversee the various resources and services involved in your
care and those affecting the particular medical challenge you are facing.
You have enough to focus on at this time. We can help coordinate the positive,
patient-centered care your loved one needs and deserves at this time.