Our caregiver recruitment and payroll management services are designed
to meet the unique needs of our clients. We understand and believe that
the nature of caregiving requires flexibility and a willingness to change
and evolve. This is exactly what we set out to achieve with our caregiver
employment agency services.

Receiving the care you or your loved one need should not be a major hassle.
Our team at Qualicare can help you hire your own personal caregiver. We
also offer payroll management services to streamline the process and make
it as easy as possible. Keep reading to learn how it works.

Heres how our caregiver recruitment and payroll management services
are delivered:

  • Assessment “ We start with a complete assessment of the client.
  • Recommendation “ After assessing the clients needs, we will provide our recommendation
    for the type of caregiver and services necessary.
  • Location “ Our team can find the perfect caregiver candidate for you.
  • Evaluation “ We evaluate the private caregiver using our experienced evaluation
    method and stringent criteria.
  • Orientation “ We provide orientation for the caregiver based on the needs of
    the individual client.
  • Payment “ We use our QPid Caregiver Management system to handle all payroll
    issues and other similar needs.

Caregiver payroll management

Whether you are hiring a single live-in caregiver or need a team of people
to service your clients and patients, we can handle everything from recruiting
to timesheets and payment processing. We stay on top of all the administration
and payments so that our caregivers and nurses can focus on providing
the top-rated healthcare that is needed.

Qualicare as a caregiver employment agency

Are you looking for caregiver jobs in Toronto? As an established company,
we can ensure that you are placed in an environment that suits your skill
level, experience, personality and preferences. Caregiver recruitment
is about matching the right caregivers with the right patients. Contact
our caregivers job agency to find out how we can help you.