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No matter what our age, music can play a powerful role throughout our lives. From beginning to end, there are certain songs we carry with us from various moments that occur. Whether it is a song that was always played when hanging out with friends in high school to the song played at a wedding, there are certain songs we take with us until the very end of our lives.

As a result, our in-home care providers at Qualicare “ Calgary want to help stress the importance music therapy can play in our loved ones lives, especially loved ones who suffer with Alzheimers disease.

For the Love of Music

Depression can easily become a part of our loved ones life. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states around one- to five-percent of the elderly population experiences depression.

However, depression doesnt have to be a part of our loved ones lives, especially when music therapy is known to help our loved ones to combat depression.

In addition to depression, music therapy can also help to improve our loved ones cognitive skills. Particularly people who have been diagnosed with Alzheimers disease, music therapy can help them maintain memories they might otherwise lose due to dementia.

Music therapy can also help loved ones with dementia to communicate with their loved ones to let them know they do remember when a certain song comes on. It can help to evoke positive memories and experiences in your loved one and help him or her feel a better sense of being, which is something they might have felt they lost with their dementia diagnosis.

Take time this week to play some songs from your loved ones past, and see if it can spark happiness in your loved one.

To learn more about the qualified care our in-home care providers can offer your loved one with dementia, visit Qualicare “ Calgary today to learn how we can help ensure your loved ones needs are met.


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