Elderly Care Tips: Ensuring Your Seniors Use Mobility Aids Safely and Effectively

Elderly Care in Calgary

Mobility aids can make your elderly care plan easier and increase the quality of life for seniors who cope with physical and mobility challenges. These aids help aging adults overcome limitations and allow them to maintain greater independence and a more active, engaged lifestyle. In order to get the most benefit from these devices, however, it is essential that your seniors use them safely and effectively.

Elderly Care in Calgary

Use these tips, and share them with your aging loved ones elderly health care services provider, to help your seniors enhance their lives with mobility aids:

• Ensure proper fit. It is vital that any mobility aids your aging loved ones use are the proper size. Whether your parents use a wheelchair, scooter, cane, or walker, make sure that it is the correct size for their body and the appropriate weight. If their elderly health care services provider is experienced with this type of equipment, ask that she check the fit and size. If not, visit a home health supply store to let the professionals there help you choose the devices that are right for your parents;

• Use the right device. There are many different options to provide mobility assistance for seniors coping with physical or mobility limitations. It is vital to their safety that you choose the devices that are right for your parents needs. Evaluate the amount of assistance they need and determine what devices would meet those needs safely. If your parents require a high degree of support while walking or standing from a sitting position, for example, you should avoid walkers or canes with wheels as these could suddenly slip out from under them when they place their weight on the device;

• Keep comfort in mind. Your aging loved ones are much more likely to use their mobility devices correctly on a consistent basis if they are comfortable when they use them. Ask your parents if there are any discomfort or pain complaints about their mobility aids so that you can find resolutions to these issues. Something as simple as grip tape or cushioning on the handlebars of a device can make a tremendous difference in their comfort while using their mobility aids;

• Use proper movements. When choosing mobility devices for your aging loved ones, make sure that they understand how to properly use the mobility aids. Have a professional instruct them on the correct way to move using the device, and what types of movements to avoid. For example, a walker is appropriate for a senior who just needs some balance assistance and can lift the walker, put it down, take a few steps into it, and repeat as they travel rather than sliding it along.

Get in touch with the elder care agency in your area to find out more about enhancing your seniors life with mobility aids, and about hiring an elderly health care services provider who can help your aging loved ones enjoy an active, safe, and healthy lifestyle.

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