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Being a family caregiver can be challenging. You can get to a point where you feel overwhelmed by everything you have going on. If you are supporting someone through a medical crisis, or if you’re concerned about your loved one’s ability to live safely at home, Qualicare Calgary West is here to help with home care assistance.

We want you to know we can step in to assist with everything from activities of daily living to helping in times of crisis; and any time in between. You don’t have to do this alone. Find peace of mind and get back to being a family.

When you contact our Calgary West office, you will be connected with our Care Expert, who is a Registered Nurse. Our Care Expert has years of experience in home care and understands the complexities of our healthcare system. Their job is to ensure your loved one receives the best care possible.

We take a holistic approach to care. This all-inclusive methodology has made us a trusted resource to families throughout Calgary and Rocky View County.

Our Complete Approach to Home Care in Calgary

When you choose Qualicare Calgary West, you’ll find our approach to home care begins with a conversation. We listen to your story, so we can best understand the everyday challenges you and your family face. From this starting point, we can develop a care plan as unique as your family.

Our Care Expert will create a holistic care plan personalized to improve and support every aspect of your loved one’s life. By assessing the five areas of care, we create a customized 360° CarePlan to ensure your family has the support needed to improve everyone’s overall quality of life.

Our care plans incorporate one or all of the following components of our 360° Approach.

Personal Care

If your loved one struggles with bathing or dressing, we can help. If meal planning and cooking are a challenge, we can help. Personal care provides assistance with activities of daily living so your loved one can live safely at home.

Specialized Care

In addition to general health care services, we are your qualified resource to manage all types of conditions including dementia, Parkinson’s and ALS. For a range of complex illnesses, brain injuries, and even palliative care, you can trust us to create a plan that will help your loved one today and tomorrow as we proactively adapt to changes in care needs.

Coordinated Care

With Coordinated Care, your family will feel a renewed sense of confidence that you are not alone. We understand you want to spend quality time together instead of having to do research for professionals like medical specialists, financial experts, or legal resources. Let us handle these tasks, so you can focus on each other.

Emotional Care

Finding the joy in the everyday is something we take seriously. Besides physical care, we want your loved one to feel engaged and heard. That’s why we provide companionship to help keep spirits high. We will always be there to help brighten their day.

Family Care

As part of our 360° Approach to home care in Calgary, one of our roles is to support the family as a whole. We are available to act in whatever supplemental capacity you see fit. That could be food shopping in a crisis or running errands. One of our many goals is to lift day-to-day concerns from your family.

Whether you seek home care in Calgary or Rocky View County; we are here for you. Complete care is just a phone call away. Request a free home care consultation by contacting us today!


Areas we service near Qualicare Calgary West:

  • Calgary
  • Okotoks
  • Priddis
  • Cochrane
  • Airdrie
  • Chestermere

Don't see your area being serviced? Please call us as we may be able to accommodate locations outside of our service area map.

How it works:


Give us a call

Talk to your Care Expert and let them know what you’re going through. We’ll then come to you for an in-home consultation... wherever home is.


Care assessment

Tell us what’s going on: your care needs, goals, and what a better day could look like. Your Care Expert will look at 5 key areas of care to ensure nothing is missed.


World-class care

Your personalized 360° Care Plan will be developed based on your input and our expertise. Start receiving the highest quality of care that will evolve as your situation and goals change.

Our Care Experts are with you every step of the way.

Qualicare has been helping thousands of families every year for almost twenty years. When you contact us, you will be connected with a local Care Expert. Many of our Care Experts are also Registered Nurses and look at ensuring you’re cared for from every angle - known as our 360° Approach. Each one of our Care Experts will use their knowledge and experience to guide you and your family through care decisions and help make stressful situations a little easier.

360deg approach

The 360° Approach

A unique and better way for family home care.

Our 360° Approach to home care ensures comprehensive care for every client. Under this approach, we look at care from 5 different perspectives. We then provide each client with a one-of-a-kind 360° CarePlan, covering a full spectrum of caregiving needs.

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Emma's Story

See how the 360° Approach works for Emma

Emma came to Qualicare worried that her loss of mobility would keep her from the activities and people she loves. So we designed a 360° Care Plan to help Emma retain her independence. Thanks to Qualicare, Emma’s still tending roses at her local gardening club, and she never misses one of her granddaughter’s dance recitals.


“Taking care of a family member with Alzheimer’s is very challenging. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the services that Qualicare has provided to my mother. My mom has care 6 hours a day, seven days a week with Qualicare. My mom has mid stage Alzheimer’s and a few years ago it became apparent that she needed more in home care. The government programs covered some of our needs but we needed to supplement with private care. I was fortunate in my search for a caregiver to find Qualicare on the internet and can’t say enough good things about them. Qualicare Family Homecare has allowed my Mom to stay living in her home, which is everything to her. The Qualicare caregivers assist with helping her dress, medication, meals, cleaning and so much more. But it goes beyond that, the caregivers treat her with such respect and patience, they truly improve her quality of life. They provide true companionship, which lets me rest easy at night. My mom has primarily had two caregivers over a two year period and both have become best friends with her. Not it the beginning, it took several months to win her over, but now when my mom talks about her caregivers it warms your heart. Jaime and David, head up the agency and have provided excellent service since day one. Jaime, is a registered nurse, and has provided such great support to me personally. But it goes beyond assigning the right caregiver to the client, she is a wealth of knowledge which you can depend on as the needs of the Alzheimer patient changes as the disease progresses. We are in the process of acquiring a live-in caregiver through the Canadian government program and I also enlisted Jaime’s help in the search process for the live-in caregiver. Qualicare will continue to provide weekend coverage and case management services once we migrate to a live-in caregiver. I would highly recommend Qualicare to any family who needs assistance with an ailing parent. They have changed our lives so much for the better and for that I can’t thank them enough.”

Lisa N.

“Jaime, thank you for supporting our family and providing excellent care for Mom while she was sick. I don’t think we could have cared for her at home without you and the wonderful people who work with you.”

H. Clark

“Jaime I wanted to send you a note to tell you how happy we all are. Our Parents are so happy. They are enjoying their own home once again and we like to go over now. The difference is Night and Day. The Caregivers are all wonderful. The care Mum and Dad receive is exceptional. I also wanted to tell you a little story, I have been meaning to email you for a few weeks. My Dad called me up one evening to chat and the first thing he mentioned was how happy he was with his “New Staff”. He hasn’t had staff since he retired in 1987. It was really quite cute and funny. He was telling me how hard they all work getting things done for them and making sure they have their meals on time and get to their appointments. Dad also really likes the conversations he is able to have now. He was also telling me how happy Mum is with the Ladies and he is really quite relieved. So a Big Thank You to You and the Ladies. It’s been a real Godsend!”

J. Watson

“When Jaime came to meet my parents they had a lot of questions. Jaime took her time, answered each one, sometimes more than once, and by the time she left they were looking forward to some help. That was a relief for me as they weren’t sure they needed help. Each caregiver that visited was a perfect fit for my parents. Rochel listened to mom and dad, they had great visits, and she supported them without making them feel helpless. I really felt that Jaime is very thoughtful when selecting caregivers to match with their clients and families.”

Joan C.

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