No one enjoys being in the hospital, but when illness strikes, families are often faced with challenging and sometimes overwhelming decisions. Qualicare can help provide you with options and support during this difficult time.

It is often challenging to get the individual attention your loved one requires in a hospital setting. This being the reason many families choose to inquire about private care to ensure their loved ones are getting the care they deserve.

Doctor and Nurse Talking to an Elderly Patient

Qualicare’s early involvement and proactive program provide one on one attention for the comfort of the patient and the peace of mind for the family members knowing that their loved one is receiving the individual care needed to return home as quickly as possible.

In addition, Qualicare can facilitate the discharge from hospital, ensuring a safe, smooth and successful return home.

Qualicare Hospital Support:

  • Provides One-on-One support and care
  • Home Transition Support – assist from discharge to settle in at home
  • Provides advocacy for your family member’s health and recovery
  • Offers assistance with navigating Ontario Health System

Our most common tasks:

  • Companionship (reading, engaging in games, meals in cafeteria …)
  • Re-Positioning for comfort and avoid bed sores
  • Gentle exercises for better blood flow
  • Personal care – toileting when you want to
  • Clear communication with nurses and other hospital staff
  • Updates provided to family members including medical feedback

The benefits of having Qualicare hospital support:

  • A comfortable and shorter stay in the hospital
  • Get you ready for discharge as discharge date often changes
  • Settle in smoothly back in your own home