Dementia Care in Burlington

provider of dementia care in Burlington listening to music with senior patient

Concerned about a loved one with dementia? Qualicare Burlington offers dementia care as part of our comprehensive home care services. With our specialized support, your loved one can continue to live at home where they feel safe and secure. Meanwhile, your family will receive the support you need so you can enjoy more meaningful moments with your relative.

Dementia is a common, continually evolving condition that puts significant physical and emotional pressure on seniors and their families. Whether you’re providing care for a loved one with dementia or you’ve just started to see signs of cognitive decline, our Care Experts are here to help. 

About Our Dementia Care in Burlington

Qualicare Burlington is a trusted home care provider known for our personalized care plans and our nurse-led 360° Approach. As registered nurses, our Care Experts are highly skilled professionals who can assess your loved one’s condition and advise your family about your dementia care options.

Our process begins with a no-cost evaluation to find out more about your loved one’s condition, their preferences, and the wider context of their care. Your Care Expert can then outline a plan that includes specialized services to slow the progression of dementia.

Through our specialized dementia care, we can provide the following for your family member in Burlington:

  • The comfort of stability and routine. To help your loved one feel as comfortable as possible, they’ll have a dedicated team of regular caregivers who understand their needs and preferences. 
  • Ongoing monitoring and adaptable care. Our Care Experts will continuously monitor your loved one’s care to make sure nothing is missed. If your loved one’s symptoms change, or they begin to struggle with certain activities, we’ll be ready to adapt their care. 
  • Activities to boost their cognitive health. Your loved one’s caregiver will introduce engaging, brain-boosting activities that have clear cognitive benefits. Your family can also incorporate these activities into your own visits with your relative. 

Qualicare Burlington Serves the Wider Local Area

Our dementia care services are a vital part of our holistic home care services for families in Burlington. We offer compassionate care and other support services for households in the following locations:

  • Burlington
  • Dundas
  • Oakville
  • And throughout the surrounding area

To speak to a Care Expert about your situation, or request an assessment for dementia care in Burlington, call Qualicare Burlington at (289) 787-0505. Our Care Experts are available any time, day or night.