Once you or a loved one comes home from the hospital, ongoing wound care is a serious concern. Without appropriate care, healing can drag on and infection or complications are a real risk. It can feel overwhelming for those who find themselves needing to care for a loved one, but also meet their obligations. Our Care Team at Qualicare Humber can provide experienced wound care and management services, so your loved one can easily transition from in-patient care to in-home care.

Toronto wound care for seniors

Let Us Handle the Issues of Wound Care

Just because your loved one is home from the hospital, it doesn’t mean they are fully healed. Wound care is often an ongoing necessity, and continues even after they arrive home and are released into your care. If you are caring for a loved one after an injury or procedure, you will need to assist them in personal care tasks, manage their comfort and pain, and care for their wound. At Qualicare Humber, our collaborative approach to wound care allows you to focus on supporting your loved one in other ways. Nursing and home care can help overcome the challenges of healing and prevent delayed healing.

Help & Support for Your Wound Care Needs

Our Care Team is highly experienced in wound management and care. We can help your loved one through every step of the healing process, ensure they are comfortable, and select the best wound care options to speed healing. Our team at Qualicare Humber will work closely with the referring doctor to ensure your care is in line with the best possible outcomes. Let us help you prevent complications, improve your loved one’s comfort, and improve their healing time.

Our Care Team is composed of Case Managers, Caregivers, PSWs, and PRNs, and we can be there to handle your loved one’s care when you need us. Let us handle hygiene needs, wound care, and pain management, so you can focus on being a family.

Get the Answers to Your Questions

We know you may have many questions about your loved one’s care after they return home. For this reason, our team is available around the clock to answer your questions and provide assistance.

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