Cognitive Stimulation Program

One of our unique services at Qualicare is our Brain Workout Plus sessions.
These eight one-hour sessions are managed by qualified leaders who help
aging clients exercise their brain function and cognitive abilities using
a carefully designed serious of exercises and stimulating techniques.
Qualicare co-founder and Registered Nurse Andrea Nathanson originally
developed Brain Workout Plus to help seniors maintain their memory and
brain health. If you are worried about your loved ones cognitive
decline, we encourage you to contact our team at Qualicare to learn more
about this unique and powerful program.

What Does Brain Workout Plus Cover?

Brain Workout Plus emphasizes participation and socialization, and uses
exercises and techniques that stimulate the brain as a whole, including:

  • Neuro-aerobics
  • Music stimuli
  • Art stimuli
  • Relaxation techniques / exercises

What Does a Typical Brain Workout Plus Session Look Like?

Each session shares a similar structure. We begin with participant introductions,
then move on to light physical movement / exercises as a group. These
preliminaries are followed by various types of music / art stimuli, creative
stimuli, and neuro-aerobics. The number of sequences will be determined
based on the interests and capacities of the group. We finish with Reiki