Think Outside the Box With Fun Activities for Your Loved One | Qualicare Big Sky, MT

Think Outside the Box With Fun Activities for Your Loved One | Qualicare Big Sky, MT

Fall is here! What better time than now to enjoy fun activities with your loved ones?

Thats why our in-home care providers at Qualicare Big Sky want to help you come up with ideas for the next time you can have a fun activity day:

Have you been wanting to create a scrapbook for a while, but you just havent had time to do it? Why not make a family scrapbook with the help of your loved one?

Not only is this a scrapbook that you all can create together, but it opens the door to conversations about memories you might not have even known about in your loved ones life.

Therefore, it can be a win-win in getting to both make memories with your loved one, but also getting to hear stories about your loved ones life that you might not have known about otherwise.

Who doesnt love the challenge of working a puzzle? Whether your loved one loves crossword puzzles or enjoys putting together jigsaw puzzles, either option offers plenty of brain-boosting power.

In addition to the satisfaction of completing a puzzle, the process of working a puzzle can improve cognitive function. Therefore, you can beat a puzzle, as well as lower your risk of dementia at the same time.

Board Games
Is it a rainy day? Go back to the classics by bringing out an oldie but goodie board game to play with your loved one. Or better yet, choose a board game that the whole family can play, including your children.

We all need to use times like this to create memories with our loved ones. Therefore, when you can involve the entire family, do it! You will look back one day and be glad you did.

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