Is Your Loved One Experiencing Symptoms of Dementia? | Qualicare Big Sky

Is Your Loved One Experiencing Symptoms of Dementia? | Qualicare Big Sky

According to the Alzheimers Association, every 65 seconds, someone living in the United States is diagnosed with Alzheimers disease. That means you or someone you love is likely to be impacted.

While theres no cure currently for the disease, there are medications and other therapies that can help slow its progress. Our team at Qualicare Big Sky wants to talk about the symptoms of the disease, so you can recognize them if they occur in a loved one.

Dementia Symptoms Can Interfere With Everyday Life

When you think of dementia, memory loss might instantly come to mind. While memory loss is certainly one of the main symptoms of dementia, it is not the only symptoms that can signal to you that your loved one might have dementia.

Lets look at some other signs of dementia:

Difficulty communicating is one common sign of dementia. When your loved one is trying to speak, is he or her having trouble finding the right words?

If having a conversation has become more difficult for your loved one, or your loved one is starting to have a hard time expressing himself or herself easily, that can be a sign of dementia.

Moodiness can be another symptom of dementia, as can other mood changes, like increased irritability or even anger.

Along with mood swings, a personality shift can also be a sign of dementia. Was your loved one once outgoing and is now shy? Or has a previously even-keeled loved one recently become anxious?

Talk with a doctor if you see signs of these changes.

And finally, if your loved one is no longer finding joy in activities he or she previously enjoyed, that can also be a sign.

Did your loved one used to love gardening, decorating the home for each season or mowing the lawn? Is he or she now either having problems completing these chores, or having someone else take over the tasks he or she once enjoyed?

Again, this could be another sign of early dementia. Therefore, make sure you talk to your loved ones physician to see if he or she might be on the road to an Alzheimers diagnosis and how he or she can slow the progression of the disease.

If you have a loved one experiencing dementia, it impacts the entire family. Our team at Qualicare Big Sky can help through specially designed care for those with dementia. Learn more on our website.


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