The Subtle Symptoms of Dementia

Can anyone really hide the fact that they are experiencing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia? Yes, actually. Particularly in the early stages of dementia, symptoms may be so subtle they go unnoticed.

That’s why our in-home care provider team at Qualicare wants to share the signs of dementia so that you can recognize them if they occur.

Is Your Loved One Showing Symptoms of Dementia?

No one wants to think about losing themselves. Unfortunately, the truth is that there are nearly 10 million new cases of dementia diagnosed each year.

While there’s no cure, with early treatment, the progress of dementia can be slowed greatly so that your loved one can continue to live a normal life for a length of time. Therefore it’s best to recognize the symptoms of dementia and seek diagnosis and treatment promptly.

Let’s look at some of the more subtle signs of dementia:

First, is your loved one refusing to participate in an activity he or she once loved? When a loved one is no longer interested in something he or she has loved for years, he or she might actually be having trouble remembering how to complete the activity. That can lead to irritability and frustration, along with refusal to participate.

Second, difficulty completing everyday tasks or spending time with others is another “hidden” sign of dementia.

Is someone close to your loved one (like a spouse, close family member or best friend) stepping in and making excuses about why he or she isn’t interacting as much with family and friends? Or are they even helping complete chores for your loved one?

Finally, denial is a very common sign that there is actually a problem going on. Answers such as It’s just my age or I’m fine are common when a person begins to lose brain function and memory but wants to mask the issue.

If you feel as though your loved one has an underlying issue that’s more than simple aging, then you might want to have a deeper discussion or take a closer look at what really might be going on, including other signs of dementia.

At Qualicare, our 360-degree approach ensures clients with dementia get comprehensive care that addresses every aspect of their life—nutrition, daily monitoring, medical care, prescription administration and therapy.


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