The Power of Flowers

For as long as anyone can remember, Ruby loved growing flowers around her house. She had lived in the house for over forty years and, after her three kids, her greatest source of pride was her flower garden. She looked forward to each spring when she would plant and tend to the flowers and bask in the compliments of her family and friends.

That’s why it was so heartbreaking for her family to have to contemplate moving Ruby out of her house and into a facility. But her Alzheimer’s was progressing so rapidly, there seemed to be no other choice.

Until we stepped in.

With our Caregivers, Ruby was able to stay in her home and her family was able to enjoy the peace of mind that our consistent and qualified care provided.

Still, it was hard to see her decline. There was so much less in her life that gave her joy, especially when spring arrived and her beloved flower planting was about to start. But she was home and she was safe and she was in loving hands.

But no one realized how loving those hands were.

Maria, one of her Caregivers, came up with an idea that was both simple and profound.

Since Ruby’s condition was robbing her of her short-term memory, Maria decided that every evening she would carefully remove the flowers Ruby had planted. And every morning a sparkle of delight came to Ruby who was eager to start her ‘day of planting.’

Through the empathy and understanding that Maria had developed for Ruby over her days and months of attentive care, Maria made a difference in Ruby’s life.


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