Our In-Home Care Providers Help Keep Seniors in Their Homes

February is National Senior Independence Month. That’s why our Qualicare team wants to share some tips on how you can help make your loved one’s home environment friendly and conducive to staying independent!

Helping Seniors Remain Independent

While we want to help seniors live as independently as possible, it’s also important to make sure they can do so safely. One in three seniors fall at least once each year. Many of them fall more than once.

Chances are that your loved one is able to feel more independent by staying at home, even if attended by an overnight care nurse or one of our other in-home care services. That’s why making sure your loved one’s home is safe is especially important.

Start by going through your loved one’s home. Go through each room of your loved one’s home to ensure every hallway and room are lit properly. Because seniors often lose some of their mobility and balance, be sure that stairways and bathrooms also have handrails that they can grasp as they walk through. You’ll also want to make sure that rooms are clutter-free and that rugs are safely adhered to the floor.

One other important aspect of keeping an aging loved one safe in the home? Medication management. Did you know that people between ages 65 and 69 fill an average of 14 prescriptions each year, while seniors between 80 and 84 fill at least 18? With all of those medications, the risk of medication errors and interactions increases.

Help your loved one keep careful track of when and how to take each medication—and talk with a doctor or pharmacist if you have questions. It’s especially important to know about any medications that could increase your loved one’s risk of falling.

Are you hoping to keep your loved one living independently for as long as possible? Allow our in-home care providers to help. Visit the Qualicare website today to learn about the Qualicare difference!


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