Know You Are Appreciated as a Caregiver!

The team at Qualicare wants you, as the caregiver, to know that while your loved one might have a hard time showing and telling you how much he or she cares, you are appreciated for all the things you do. You just might have to search for the subtle signs he or she gives you in order to understand how appreciated you are.

Look for the Signs that Show You How Much Your Loved One Cares

Nurse Helping Elderly Man with FamilyAs you are probably well aware, a caregiver is one of the most unselfish people to walk the planet. As a caregiver, you are truly putting your personal needs at the bottom of your to-do list in order to help better care for your loved one who is unable to care for his or herself. As a result, it can be easy to get rundown and begin to feel unappreciated. However, you are appreciated. Here are some ways your loved one might be showing his or her appreciation for you on a daily basis that you might not realize.

First, has your loved one given you a book to read lately? It may be because he or she found the book extremely inspiring and wanted you to read it in order to help understand what an inspiration you are. Even caregivers need some time to unwind and relax after the long day. A book can be a wonderful “escape” and a chance to put your thoughts and worries away for a bit. Plus, it’s a good mental break, as well.

Second, your loved one might have given you a book about activities he or she thought you could do together. For example, it could be a book that gives you ideas on how to help keep your loved one’s mind sharp while reducing the risk of dementia. However, while you might think this book was given to you to help your loved one, it could also be a book he or she wanted to pass along to you so that you can try and ward off Alzheimer’s for as long as possible, too!

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