Homecare Terminology

Homecare terminology

It’s important to be comfortable with the language and terminology used in homecare. The list below can help you avoid confusion. If you come across a term you need more information on, please contact us at Qualicare Franchise Corporation. One of our nurses will be happy to help you.

Advocacy Active support of an idea or cause, such as “healthcare” e.g. advocating for better care or faster access to resources.
Assessment The act of assessing by a qualified health care professional; appraisal; evaluation for the purpose of gaining insight.
CCAC Community Care Access Center; operated by Ontario Social Services to provide home care to people eligible for support. Care is allocated by CCAC case managers after making assessments and determining needs.
Cancer Care Providing specialized care for a patient diagnosed with cancer; considers the type, stage and progress of the cancer, as well as all other influencing factors.
Care for the Elderly Make provision for those who are wise, in years of life; having peace-of-mind that the person is well prepared for changes and decisions that may impact quality of life; maintaining independence and knowing that all aspects of life are being considered.
Care for Seniors Refers to a person who has over 65 years of life. See “Care for Elderly”
Caregiver A person who takes responsibility for the healthcare of an individual; may be a family member, close friend or professional hire; usually a well trained and educated person who has special skills and experience which contribute to their ability to provide care.
Case Management Coordination of all activities related to a case; a course of action for a situation involving an individual and the implementation of a program; specifically, the process by which all health-related matters of a patient’s case are managed by a health professional.
Concierge Healthcare Accessing healthcare services through a single point-of-contact that improves the overall coordination; generally provides a high level of service with personal attention; often referred to as “concierge medical services; retainer medicine; boutique medicine; executive health programs; platinum practises…”
Elder Care See “Care for Elderly”
Geriatric Care Care for an older person, while encouraging as much independence as possible; relates to long-term care, including but not limited to; nursing; gerontology; social work or psychology with a specialised focus on issues related to aging and elder care. See “Care for Elderly”.
Government Services Any social service that is funded and provided by a government department or designate; including some health care services and home health care services that are provided in Ontario by Community Care Access Centres (CCAC).
Healthcare Aid (HCA) A well trained and qualified caregiver with extensive experience and skils that provides personal care for sick or disabled patients; HCA precedes PSW or “Personal Support Worker” as the Ontario certification; usually provided by community colleges and other certified facilities.
Home Care Receiving the necessary support needed to remain at home; while maintaining independence and dignity when one is sick or disabled; can be provided by a friend, family member or professional hire.
Hospice A program that provides support to palliative patients that may attend to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of terminally ill patients and their families; provides end of life care and support at an inpatient facility or in a patient’s home.
Hospital at Home Setting up a safe environment to provide healthcare for a patient at home; using a professional healthcare service to provide equipment, supplies and services required for proper care during a recovery process for a short-term illness or to provide palliative care at end of life.
In-home Elder Care Caring for a senior in the comfort of their home, rather than at a hospital or inpatient facility; in-home care creates a comfortable environment for the patient, while receiving the care they require.
Live-in Caregiver A caregiver, usually a professional hire, who resides with the person they are caring for, provides around-the-clock companionship and daily care; may reside on visiting basis for short-term periods (several days) or may reside for long-term periods i.e. move-in; (months or years) usually fulfilled by a Foreign Worker under the Canadian government’s Foreign Worker Live-in Caregiver Program.
Live-in Care The professional and genuine care that is provided by a live-in caregiver; around-the-clock companionship and dailycare. Gives patient and family peace-of-mind in that they are being carefully monitored and properly cared for day and night.
Long-Term Care Facilities Institutions or facilities that provide beds and nursing services for seniors who are no longer able to be independent and need the extra care and support; long-term care facilities in Ontario are funded by the government and access is controlled by the local CCAC.
Moving SolutionsTM A personalised service provided by Qualicare that is intended to assist clients with all the details of a household move; to choose a new residence, packing and transporting personal belongings or handling the difficult emotional transition that accompanies these significant changes.
Nurse See “Registered Nurse”.
Nursing Homes Facilities that provide shelter and services similar to those of retirement homes but that also include nursing and/or personal care services; designed for seniors who are no longer able to be independent and who may have an illness or series of health issues.
Palliative Care Providing comfort measures for patients with terminal illnesses.
Palliative Home Care Quality end-of-life care that is provided with the utmost dignity and respect in the comfort of one’s own home.
Palliative Nursing Care Quality end-of-life care that is provided by an educated, trained and experienced Registered Nurse (RN).
Parent Care Caring for one’s parents; usually performed by the children but can be provided by professionals.
Personal Care Manager (PCM) A qualified Registered Nurse in charge of managing a client’s case; also provides training and around the clock support for Personal Support Workers; health and human services specialists who help families care for aging or ill relatives, while encouraging as much independence as possible; usually trained in healthcare diciplines related to long-term care, including but not limited to; nursing; gerontology; social work or psychology, specializing in issues related to elder care.
Personal Support Worker (PSW) A qualified caregiver certified in the Ontario community college program with the ability to provide personal care and support to persons who are aging and/or who may have acute, chronic or terminal illnesses.
Prevention Any activity that reduces the burden of mortality of morbidity from disease.
Private Healthcare Quality healthcare that is provided by a privately paid company and not through government funded services; under the Canadian Health Act, private services may not provide “medically necessary” healthcare services to individuals but may provide additional complementary services.
Private Nursing Nursing that is provided by a privately owned company; allows for higher quality care as nurses are usually coving a smaller number of cases and time is allocated to focus on the client’s needs.
Private Care Services Any service that is provided by a privately-owned company; usually results in better quality care as the amount of resources are increased and focused on a smaller number of clientele.
Registered Nurse A person educated and trained with extensive experience in the health care field to care for the sick or disabled; also referred to as Registered Nurse (RN) or a Registered Practical Nurse (RPN).
Retirement Communities Facilities or residential communities that provide services specifically for retired seniors; nursing and healthcare services may or may not be available.

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