Healthcare Coordination

Hospital support is the key to healthcare

The Qualicare Nurse Case Manager was involved with all aspects of this patient’s home health care – a perfect hospital support strategy. Medications were organized, doctors have regular and thorough communication with our case manager and appointments were regularly attended as well.

We kept clear medical healthcare files so that each doctor had easy access to all necessary information. Their Nurse Manager developed and implemented a personalized homecare plan, which was supervised very closely and assessed regularly. It included the services of an attentive live-in caregiver for the first few months.

Hospital support in future emergencies

During that time and for years after, both coordinator and caregiver remained available to assist the married couple as healthcare emergencies arose. The patient and his wife were mentored to handle a broad range of complex medical situations themselves, to improve their independence and allow them to remain at home safely and securely.

Qualicare Family Homecare practices hospital support and will be happy to assist you if you give them a call today!


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