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How a Nurse Case Manager can help you overcome obstacles

One of Qualicare’s patients discusses his journey from hospitalization to hiring a proactive nurse case manager: When Sam, 78, suffered a debilitating stroke, his wife and two adult children were left devastated and confused. They felt unprepared and ill-equipped to deal with their medical crisis. At the hospital, the family felt frustrated and powerless as they attempted to get the doctors and nurses to pay more attention to Sam. Over the next few weeks they met various specialists and left the meetings overwhelmed by medical jargon, contradictory opinions and the various treatment options they were presented.

Taking Charge

Sam’s family turned to Qualicare for help. Sam was assigned a Nurse Case Manager or “Personal Care Manager” (PCM) who instantly took charge of the case. His PCM attended every meeting with Sam’s medical team, investigated each of the treatment options and made sure the family clearly understood Sam’s health status and which options deserved exploration.

A homecare solution for Sam (H2)

Instead of long-term rehabilitation in hospital, Qualicare arranged for Sam to be cared for at home. An expert team of nurses, physiotherapists, and personal support workers were brought in. Safety modifications, including lifts, were installed in his home and when Sam’s family needed emotional support, Qualicare provided counselling.

Qualicare’s compassionate team of professionals provided Sam with the expert homecare care he required. Within weeks, Sam’s condition improved and he was well on his way to recovery. Contact us to find out more about appointing a medical case manager or a homecare professional.


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