Comfort from the Start

A Helping Hand With Health Care and Home Care

For many years, my sister had been the primary caregiver for our mother who needed considerable care for her diabetes, heart condition and mobility issues. Tragically, my wonderful sister also became ill with cancer and I became responsible for the care of both of them. This was very stressful because I lived forty minutes away and had a family of my own. The outside homecare help that I initially brought in was inadequate and both my mother and my sister weren’t receiving the day-to-day care they needed.

I had seen a pamphlet for Qualicare that talked about comprehensive care and there was something about the confidence in which they described their services that made me want to call them. I remember the panic and desperation in my voice when I described the situation to the Nurse Manager who took the call. I also remember how quickly she put me at ease. She took the time to get the critical background information and quickly calmed my nerves. She grasped the situation and provided a structure for how to deal with it. That initial contact was the helping hand I needed and I remember crying with relief after the call. I knew from the start that she and Qualicare would be there for us.

This Angel was Ultra-Professional

Placing a live-in caregiverin the home

And I was right. Immediately Qualicare placed a live-in caregiver in the home. This angel was ultra- professional, quickly planning and delivering the care required for both people. She continuously kept me apprised of the situation in the home and Qualicare also made daily calls to the worker and to me to make sure things were in hand. There was a lot of communications in those tumultuous two weeks before my sister died.

But it didn’t stop there. Qualicare subsequently placed another live-in caregiver for my mother (five days on, 2 days off). She has a nursing background, understands diabetes and heart care and is able to manage my mother’s meds, nutrition and overall condition. In addition to finding her for us, Qualicare handled all the paper work, payroll and work permit applications. From the first contact and throughout this difficult time, Qualicare has been there for me and my family, looking at the changing situation professionally and compassionately. I highly recommend Qualicare when you need home care for people you love.


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