Be Aware of Bladder Issues As You Age

Be Aware of Bladder Issues As You Age

Most of us do not think about our bladder until we have to use the restroom. Even then, the thought of our bladder only lasts about a minute or two. Then, we go about our day.

However, during Bladder Health Month this November, our team of in-home care providers at Qualicare wants to share some tips on how to care for your bladder as you age.

Is Your Bladder Showing Its Age?

While there are a number of common bladder problems (like UTIs and incontinence) that can occur more frequently as we age, bladder issues do not have to be a normal part of aging.

Let’s take a look at ways you can keep your bladder healthy as you age, as well as signs to show you might be experiencing a bladder issue:

Signs You May Have a Bladder Issue

The following are signs you might have a bladder problem:

  • You are unable to hold your urine.
  • You frequently leak urine.
  • You feel like you need to go to the bathroom several times during the night.
  • You have a sudden need to urinate often.
  • You have cloudy or bloody urine.
  • You have pain or burning before or after urinating.
  • You have problems emptying your bladder.

If you or a loved one are experiencing these symptoms, talk with a doctor. Help is available—and there’s no need to suffer in silence!

Keeping Your Bladder Healthy

Living a healthy lifestyle in general can also promote good bladder health. Ensure your loved one is getting plenty of exercise, eating a balanced diet, not smoking and getting enough sleep. Staying properly hydrated by drinking plenty of water is also important.

Also, encourage your loved one to use the restroom when the urge hits! Holding urine in can actually do more harm than good when it comes to your overall bladder health.

Are you looking for additional care for your loved one? Contact our in-home care providers at Qualicare to learn how we can help!


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