“Ask a Nurse” – Parkinson’s Disease

Question: My husband is 82 and has had Parkinson’s disease for over 10 years, however his care needs are increasing and I am finding that the strain on me as the primary caregiver is interfering with my being able to get a good night’s rest and to tend to caring for my own healthcare and personal needs. People have begun to suggest that my husband go into a long term care facility, however we a very accessible condo and ideally would like for us to remain here together. Am I being unrealistic in thinking that we can remain in this home together? Can you provide me with ideas on how we can accomplish this?

Answer: Dear Margaret, No you are not being unrealistic in your thinking. Yes you can remain together and remain in your home. Qualicare will be able to assess your needs after meeting with you and your spouse and provide you with options. Some of those options are: 1. Considering a live in/live out care providers who will be able to provide care and to attend to your medical needs, and also assist with cooking and the care and cleaning of your home on a daily basis. 2. Daily caregivers who can come to your home as well and work day/night and weekend shifts to provide care to your spouse and you. It is always a minimum of 4 hours up to 12 hours per shift. 3. We also suggest one of our service plans, which gives you access to 24/7 telephone consultations and support by an assigned RN. Creation and maintenance of a Healthcare Profile including tests, attending physician appointments, programs and institutions involved in your care. Please feel free to visit our website and call us to discuss the above options or any questions or concerns that you may have.
-Lucy RN and the Qualicare Nursing Staff

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