Ask a Nurse – Aids for Standing and Reclining

Ask a Nurse – Aids for Standing and Reclining


Question posed to our nurse: With my condition, I find that I am having a lot of trouble changing positions – from sitting to standing to reclining. Are there devices that I can use to ease my mobility when I am by myself?


Many people have difficulty raising themselves into a standing position or lowering themselves into a sitting or reclining position. You are not alone.

Finding it more difficult to get up from a chair or bed is common but doesn’t have to be a strain. Sometimes the answers are simple and easy to access if you know where to look and Qualicare can help.

Introducing lift chairs

Often people with similar challenges consider using a special chair, called an easy “lift chair”. This electrically powered chair helps people sit in and stand up in an independent, safe way that keeps them free from injury and reduces strain on their legs and improves mobility.

With a simple push of a button, you can go from sitting to standing position or from a standing to sitting position: both in a safe and comfortable way! As well, you can usually recline in these chairs, allowing you to elevate your legs, which is very beneficial for you, especially if you suffer from swelling in your legs or feet. In fact, they can be so comfortable that many people even choose to sleep in their easy lift chairs.

These amazing chairs come in many different sizes, colors and styles. They also come in many different price ranges. Home healthcare supply stores often have chairs in their stores that you can sit in and try out to see if you like them. As well, you can search ‘Lift Chairs’ on the internet and see the different types and styles that are available. Qualicare has a nice selection of lift chairs that you can order to be delivered right to your home.

If you have a chair you love at home and don’t want to purchase a new lift chair, another option for you is to place lifts under the legs of your existing chair or sofa, that are called “elevator blocks”, which will raise your chair up higher, making it easier for you to reach a standing position. You may also keep in mind that it is best to sit in chairs that have arm rests, as they provide a tremendous assistance when you are standing up.

Another great way to help with your mobility at home is to use these elevator blocks under the legs of your bed, which many people find very comfortable to use. In fact, they may be used at the head of a bed, to elevate the head of your bed, which helps relieve the symptoms of acid reflux, hiatal hernia, heartburn and respiratory discomfort.

Elevator blocks increase the height of your furniture, which is ideal for anyone who has difficulty bending or rising from a low position. Qualicare offers a selection of these to raise furniture, different heights, depending on an individual’s need and comfort.


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