4 Fun Senior Activities for the Fall

4 Fun Senior Activities for the Fall

As the temperatures begin to drop, more time might be spent indoors. But that doesn’t mean the quality time has to end.

Our in-home care provider team at Qualicare wants to share some ideas for the perfect activities to do with your loved one this fall.

Fill Up on Fall Fun

Let’s look at some activities you can do with your loved one this fall:

First, consider taking time to make a collage or a scrapbook of all the events that have taken place so far this year. From birthday parties to milestones to summer outings, it is important to keep the memories alive.

Therefore, use time this fall to create a scrapbook with your loved one while sharing some of your favorite memories from throughout the year and how you hope to keep those memories going strong during the holiday season.

Second, the cold weather will be upon us before you know it. What better way to prepare while also spending quality time with your loved one than by making a fleece blanket?

The best part is that you can make a fleece blanket in a very easy, no-sew way. Plus, not only can you and your loved one make blankets for yourselves, but the fleece blankets could also make for good holiday gifts! That’s a win-win.

Cooking can also be a good activity that you and your loved one can do together. Does your loved one have cherished recipes from over the years? Spend time exploring those recipes and making them together. Or look up some new and interesting recipes to try for the first time!

Finally, think about creating a group where everyone can meet once a week to play games, talk about books they’ve read, create crafts or do some other fun activity. 

As we age, depression and loneliness can set in. But time spent with others socializing can help keep the mind and body active and strong.

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