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The Stories they Tell:

At Qualicare, we know that every family is a story.

No more so than families who are impacted by ALS. We feel that families who are just starting on their journey can gain valuable insights from hearing the stories of those who have been there. More importantly, they can gain profound comfort from these stories – even when they have great tragedy associated with them.

These are some of their stories – divided into insights that we call Golden Nuggets. Our admiration and appreciation to these people who shared their deepest feelings knows no bounds.

The Crystal Family

The Diagnosis: Beth and Sheldon describe the diagnosis and the steps they took to ... Play Video
Involving the Children: Lexi and Jonah Crystal share their feelings about whether children ... Play Video
Bringing in Outside Resources: How caregivers and case managers play a vital role in sharing care ... Play Video
The Vital Role of the Family: How each member of the family played a role in providing physical and ... Play Video
The Essential Approach to ALS Care: Beth describes how it is vital to anticipate new care requirements as ... Play Video
The Final Weekend: The Crystals describe what happened on the final weekend and how they ... Play Video

Chris Caton

The Diagnosis: After a period of uncertainty, Chris vividly remembers the moment of d ... Play Video
The Journey: Chris describes how he and Maggie planned and lived their ‘journey ... Play Video
Getting Help: The importance of perseverance in getting Maggie the care she needed. Play Video
Visitors and Friends: Visitors and friends provide great help but can be the source of great ... Play Video
Acceptance vs Denial: For Chris, it wasn’t just acceptance, it was being thankful for each ... Play Video
Life, Death and Faith: How Chris and their faith helped Maggie face challenges with the ... Play Video
The Importance of Staying at Home: Staying at home was the only option for Maggie so the home was well-eq ... Play Video
Caring for the Caregiver: How family and good friends helped Chris with the caregiving ... Play Video
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Felicia Valo

The Diagnosis: Felicia recalls the exact moment of Sid’s ALS diagnosis and the ... Play Video
Acceptance vs Denial: ALS leaves no alternative but to accept it. It’s how you plan your ... Play Video
Approaching the Disease as a Team: The challenges the primary caregiver faces as the disease progresses ... Play Video
The Course of the Disease: As the disease progressed, Sid and Felicia’s world changed in many ... Play Video
The Role of Outside Caregivers: Increasing levels of outside help, as the disease progressed, became ... Play Video
Family and Friends: Family and friends were there with them as support for the journey - ... Play Video
Medical Treatment: Felicia describes how their approach to medical treatment allowed them ... Play Video
Faith: ALS rocked Felicia’s faith, but she feels great solace in feeling that ... Play Video
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Barney Paikin

The Diagnosis: Georgina, Barney and his wife had three different responses to the ... Play Video
What is ALS: Georgina, Barney and his wife had three different responses to the ... Play Video
Using Technology: Barney set up a simple video connection between his mother and him, ... Play Video
Losing Control: The course of ALS is a process of losing control. Barney shares an ... Play Video
The Kids Gave Hope: Georgina’s grandchildren became her main source of hope and enjoyment. Play Video
The Final Days: In the very difficult final days, Barney describes his mother’s ... Play Video
Survivor’s Thoughts: Barney speaks frankly and insightfully about the feelings of relief ... Play Video

Melanie York

Who is Melanie?: On the surface, we see someone in a wheelchair, with a breathing tube ... Play Video
The Diagnosis: Melanie vividly recalls the moment when the neurologist confirmed the ... Play Video
The Most Important Relationship: For someone with ALS, the most important relationship is with ... Play Video
Caregivers: It’s important to surround yourself with caregivers who are there - ... Play Video
Asking for Help: Not wanting to be a burden is a natural response, but asking for help, ... Play Video
Qualities of a Good Caregiver: Initially Melanie had no idea what to look for in a caregiver, which ... Play Video
Crying: Melanie cries a lot more now - for many reasons. We can all gain from ... Play Video
Seeking Support: After initial apprehension, Melanie went to the ALS Clinic which has ... Play Video
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The Nathansons

The Diagnosis: Wayne and Andrea describe the plethora of feelings and emotions in the ... Play Video
Acceptance vs Denial: For Wayne, there was no issue of denial. His role was to learn about ... Play Video
Arranging for Care: Arranging for outside care was a tremendous help for Wayne’s mother. ... Play Video
Andrea’s Complicated Role: As the person responsible for co-ordinating Nardy’s care, Andrea ... Play Video
How the Family Coped with Care: Wayne’s family coped very well with the dislocation and challenges of ... Play Video
The Support of Friends and Family: The support of friends and family was very effective because everyone ... Play Video
Living in the Moment: In this fascinating segment, Wayne and Andrea describe two different, ... Play Video
The Benefits of Having Professional Support: Wayne considers that he and his family were very fortunate in having ... Play Video
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