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Melanie York

Who is Melanie?: On the surface, we see someone in a wheelchair, with a breathing tube ... Play Video
The Diagnosis: Melanie vividly recalls the moment when the neurologist confirmed the ... Play Video
The Most Important Relationship: For someone with ALS, the most important relationship is with ... Play Video
Caregivers: It’s important to surround yourself with caregivers who are there - ... Play Video
Asking for Help: Not wanting to be a burden is a natural response, but asking for help, ... Play Video
Qualities of a Good Caregiver: Initially Melanie had no idea what to look for in a caregiver, which ... Play Video
Crying: Melanie cries a lot more now - for many reasons. We can all gain from ... Play Video
Seeking Support: After initial apprehension, Melanie went to the ALS Clinic which has ... Play Video
Relationships with Partners: Melanie views her partner as the ‘unsung hero’ of this journey. Amidst ... Play Video
Relationships with Young People: Young people (teens, 20’s) sometimes have trouble knowing how to be ... Play Video
The BiPAP: Initially, Melanie resisted using the BiPAP (assisted breathing ... Play Video
Death: This is a profoundly powerful segment. ALS is fatal. Melanie describes ... Play Video

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