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ALS Insights from Qualicare

Medical Professionals Share Their Insights:

This special group of professionals who are directly involved with ALS all volunteered their valuable time to share their insights and perspectives on medical issues surrounding ALS care.

It is particularly striking to hear the compassion and admiration that each one expresses about the patients and families they are involved with. This will be very comforting for those starting their journey to know they will have deeply caring people accompanying them.

Dr. Roy Blachowitz

His Role in the ALS Community: Dr. Roy Blachowitz is a Family Physician who includes palliative care ... Play Video
Reflection on Patient Experiences on Coping: Dr. Blachowitz shares his observations on the various ways the ... Play Video
Advancements in ALS Care: Over the course of his lengthy experience with ALS care, he has seen ... Play Video
Quality of Life: Dr. Blachowitz shares some profoundly deep thoughts about the role of ... Play Video
Coping as a Professional: Palliative care is difficult for the professional. Dr. Blachowitz will ... Play Video

Dr. Russell Goldman

How He Became Involved: Dr. Russell Goldman recounts how his involvement with palliative ... Play Video
How ALS Care is Different: Dr. Goldman identifies 2 key areas where ALS care is different for the ... Play Video
How He Helps Families Make ALS Care Decisions: Dr. Goldman understands that many decisions require a fair bit of ... Play Video
The Benefits of the BiPAP: Dr. Goldman sees much value in the BiPAP assisted breathing device for ... Play Video
Insights on ‘Quality of Life’: Dr. Goldman shares some profound insights and inspiration, learned ... Play Video
Insights on End of Life Care: Dr. Goldman observes how remarkable it is that families are able to ... Play Video
Fulfillment of Working in Palliative Care: Dr. Goldman loves his work. He feels privileged to be able to meet ... Play Video

Pearl Gryfe

How Her Involvement Began?: Pearl describes how her initial exposure to ALS patients made her ... Play Video
An Unforgettable Mother with ALS: Pearl shares a powerful story of being able to help a young mother ... Play Video
How She Views Her Clients with ALS: Pearl’s approach, as an OT, is to engage her clients as people and to ... Play Video
How She Helps Clients through the Journey: As ALS progresses, many patients grieve over the loss of a function ... Play Video
Helping Clients and their Families with Technology: Pearl describes how her clinic operates in terms of setting up the ... Play Video
The ALS Clinic Experience: Most people are overwhelmed and confused when they first become ... Play Video
The Emotional Challenges and Rewards of Working with ALS Patients: Pearl shares a profoundly moving perspective on how she views working ... Play Video

Dr. Peter Webster

First Involvement with ALS: Dr. Webster’s involvement in ALS began when he observed that existing ... Play Video
Non-invasive ventilation – BiPAP: Dr. Webster describes how BiPAP can significantly improve the quality ... Play Video
The Challenges of Introducing the BiPAP: The BiPAP is a wonderful device that many people have used ... Play Video
How a Respirologist can Help: Dr. Webster demonstrates, with incisive examples, the many important ... Play Video
Learning from ALS Patients: If a doctor is not too proud, he can learn a lot from his patients – ... Play Video
A Specialist’s Perspective: Dr. Webster’s counsel, to physicians and patients, is to get to know ... Play Video
The Deeper Significance: In this spellbinding segment, Dr. Webster graciously shares his story ... Play Video

Myrna Moore

Myrna Moore and the ALS Clinic: Myrna describes all the different staffing resources at the ALS Clinic ... Play Video
Accessing the ALS Clinics: The province of Ontario supports a network of ALS Clinics that also ... Play Video
Benefits of Technology: Myra describes how the ALS Clinic is able to successfully utilize ... Play Video
BiPAP: Myrna describes how this device is able to help patients breathe more ... Play Video
How Patients and Families Cope: Although ALS patients and their families show remarkable abilities to ... Play Video
Relationships with Patients and their Families: Myrna describes her admiration and fondness for the ALS patients she ... Play Video

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