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The Crystal Family

The Diagnosis: Beth and Sheldon describe the diagnosis and the steps they took to ... Play Video
Involving the Children: Lexi and Jonah Crystal share their feelings about whether children ... Play Video
Bringing in Outside Resources: How caregivers and case managers play a vital role in sharing care ... Play Video
The Vital Role of the Family: How each member of the family played a role in providing physical and ... Play Video
The Essential Approach to ALS Care: Beth describes how it is vital to anticipate new care requirements as ... Play Video
The Final Weekend: The Crystals describe what happened on the final weekend and how they ... Play Video

Chris Caton

The Diagnosis: After a period of uncertainty, Chris vividly remembers the moment of d ... Play Video
The Journey: Chris describes how he and Maggie planned and lived their ‘journey ... Play Video
Getting Help: The importance of perseverance in getting Maggie the care she needed. Play Video
Visitors and Friends: Visitors and friends provide great help but can be the source of great ... Play Video
Acceptance vs Denial: For Chris, it wasn’t just acceptance, it was being thankful for each ... Play Video
Life, Death and Faith: How Chris and their faith helped Maggie face challenges with the ... Play Video
The Importance of Staying at Home: Staying at home was the only option for Maggie so the home was well-eq ... Play Video
Caring for the Caregiver: How family and good friends helped Chris with the caregiving ... Play Video
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Felicia Valo

The Diagnosis: Felicia recalls the exact moment of Sid’s ALS diagnosis and the ... Play Video
Acceptance vs Denial: ALS leaves no alternative but to accept it. It’s how you plan your ... Play Video
Approaching the Disease as a Team: The challenges the primary caregiver faces as the disease progresses ... Play Video
The Course of the Disease: As the disease progressed, Sid and Felicia’s world changed in many ... Play Video
The Role of Outside Caregivers: Increasing levels of outside help, as the disease progressed, became ... Play Video
Family and Friends: Family and friends were there with them as support for the journey - ... Play Video
Medical Treatment: Felicia describes how their approach to medical treatment allowed them ... Play Video
Faith: ALS rocked Felicia’s faith, but she feels great solace in feeling that ... Play Video
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Barney Paikin

The Diagnosis: Georgina, Barney and his wife had three different responses to the ... Play Video
What is ALS: Georgina, Barney and his wife had three different responses to the ... Play Video
Using Technology: Barney set up a simple video connection between his mother and him, ... Play Video
Losing Control: The course of ALS is a process of losing control. Barney shares an ... Play Video
The Kids Gave Hope: Georgina’s grandchildren became her main source of hope and enjoyment. Play Video
The Final Days: In the very difficult final days, Barney describes his mother’s ... Play Video
Survivor’s Thoughts: Barney speaks frankly and insightfully about the feelings of relief ... Play Video

Melanie York

Who is Melanie?: On the surface, we see someone in a wheelchair, with a breathing tube ... Play Video
The Diagnosis: Melanie vividly recalls the moment when the neurologist confirmed the ... Play Video
The Most Important Relationship: For someone with ALS, the most important relationship is with ... Play Video
Caregivers: It’s important to surround yourself with caregivers who are there - ... Play Video
Asking for Help: Not wanting to be a burden is a natural response, but asking for help, ... Play Video
Qualities of a Good Caregiver: Initially Melanie had no idea what to look for in a caregiver, which ... Play Video
Crying: Melanie cries a lot more now - for many reasons. We can all gain from ... Play Video
Seeking Support: After initial apprehension, Melanie went to the ALS Clinic which has ... Play Video
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The Nathansons

The Diagnosis: Wayne and Andrea describe the plethora of feelings and emotions in the ... Play Video
Acceptance vs Denial: For Wayne, there was no issue of denial. His role was to learn about ... Play Video
Arranging for Care: Arranging for outside care was a tremendous help for Wayne’s mother. ... Play Video
Andrea’s Complicated Role: As the person responsible for co-ordinating Nardy’s care, Andrea ... Play Video
How the Family Coped with Care: Wayne’s family coped very well with the dislocation and challenges of ... Play Video
The Support of Friends and Family: The support of friends and family was very effective because everyone ... Play Video
Living in the Moment: In this fascinating segment, Wayne and Andrea describe two different, ... Play Video
The Benefits of Having Professional Support: Wayne considers that he and his family were very fortunate in having ... Play Video
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Dr. Roy Blachowitz

His Role in the ALS Community: Dr. Roy Blachowitz is a Family Physician who includes palliative care ... Play Video
Reflection on Patient Experiences on Coping: Dr. Blachowitz shares his observations on the various ways the ... Play Video
Advancements in ALS Care: Over the course of his lengthy experience with ALS care, he has seen ... Play Video
Quality of Life: Dr. Blachowitz shares some profoundly deep thoughts about the role of ... Play Video
Coping as a Professional: Palliative care is difficult for the professional. Dr. Blachowitz will ... Play Video

Dr. Russell Goldman

How He Became Involved: Dr. Russell Goldman recounts how his involvement with palliative ... Play Video
How ALS Care is Different: Dr. Goldman identifies 2 key areas where ALS care is different for the ... Play Video
How He Helps Families Make ALS Care Decisions: Dr. Goldman understands that many decisions require a fair bit of ... Play Video
The Benefits of the BiPAP: Dr. Goldman sees much value in the BiPAP assisted breathing device for ... Play Video
Insights on ‘Quality of Life’: Dr. Goldman shares some profound insights and inspiration, learned ... Play Video
Insights on End of Life Care: Dr. Goldman observes how remarkable it is that families are able to ... Play Video
Fulfillment of Working in Palliative Care: Dr. Goldman loves his work. He feels privileged to be able to meet ... Play Video

Pearl Gryfe

How Her Involvement Began?: Pearl describes how her initial exposure to ALS patients made her ... Play Video
An Unforgettable Mother with ALS: Pearl shares a powerful story of being able to help a young mother ... Play Video
How She Views Her Clients with ALS: Pearl’s approach, as an OT, is to engage her clients as people and to ... Play Video
How She Helps Clients through the Journey: As ALS progresses, many patients grieve over the loss of a function ... Play Video
Helping Clients and their Families with Technology: Pearl describes how her clinic operates in terms of setting up the ... Play Video
The ALS Clinic Experience: Most people are overwhelmed and confused when they first become ... Play Video
The Emotional Challenges and Rewards of Working with ALS Patients: Pearl shares a profoundly moving perspective on how she views working ... Play Video

Dr. Peter Webster

First Involvement with ALS: Dr. Webster’s involvement in ALS began when he observed that existing ... Play Video
Non-invasive ventilation – BiPAP: Dr. Webster describes how BiPAP can significantly improve the quality ... Play Video
The Challenges of Introducing the BiPAP: The BiPAP is a wonderful device that many people have used ... Play Video
How a Respirologist can Help: Dr. Webster demonstrates, with incisive examples, the many important ... Play Video
Learning from ALS Patients: If a doctor is not too proud, he can learn a lot from his patients – ... Play Video
A Specialist’s Perspective: Dr. Webster’s counsel, to physicians and patients, is to get to know ... Play Video
The Deeper Significance: In this spellbinding segment, Dr. Webster graciously shares his story ... Play Video

Myrna Moore

Myrna Moore and the ALS Clinic: Myrna describes all the different staffing resources at the ALS Clinic ... Play Video
Accessing the ALS Clinics: The province of Ontario supports a network of ALS Clinics that also ... Play Video
Benefits of Technology: Myra describes how the ALS Clinic is able to successfully utilize ... Play Video
BiPAP: Myrna describes how this device is able to help patients breathe more ... Play Video
How Patients and Families Cope: Although ALS patients and their families show remarkable abilities to ... Play Video
Relationships with Patients and their Families: Myrna describes her admiration and fondness for the ALS patients she ... Play Video

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