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The Qualicare History

Our Inspiration for Homecare Service

Over 20 years ago, Qualicare founders Andrea and Wayne Nathanson were helping Wayne’s father, "Nardy," through his struggle with ALS. The couple faced new challenges every day, which required them to learn more about the disease. They saw first-hand the time, effort, and patience it takes to care for a chronically ill loved one.

In addition, they experienced the difficulties that come with struggling through a complex medical system in order to obtain necessary treatments. In response to these difficulties, Andrea took it upon herself to coordinate his care. This would become the blueprint for Qualicare's 360° Approach.

Near the end of his life, Nardy had received care from over 40 different individuals that included: registered nurses, personal caregivers, doctors, multiple therapists, social workers, an ALS support team, a foot care specialist, hospice volunteer, pharmacist, and more. Andrea’s training as a nurse helped her coordinate and manage the multiple resources needed to keep Nardy comfortable and healthy.

After Nardy's passing in 1999, Andrea combined her nursing experience with Wayne’s business knowledge to create a homecare service that focused on providing superior support for families who wanted the best possible options for their ailing loved ones.

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