Are You Getting the Nutrients You Need as You Age? | Qualicare

Are You Getting the Nutrients You Need as You Age? | Qualicare

While you were young, you probably heard often how you needed to eat your fruits and vegetables to be healthy and strong when you grew up. Well, the concept of healthy eating doesn't end just because you are older!

In fact, healthy eating becomes even more important while we age. That's why our in-home care providers at Qualicare want to share some ways you can improve your eating habits as you age.

Are You Fueling Up the Right Way?

Not all calories are made equal. While you can eat thousands of calories a day made up entirely of junk food, that's obviously not the best idea! 

Don't fuel your body with empty calories—eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and low-fat dairy.

In addition, you want to make sure the healthy foods you eat from that list include the nutrients your body needs, such as:

  • Protein
  • Vitamin D
  • Calcium 
  • Vitamin B12

Should You Increase Your Fiber Intake?

As we age, our risk increases for a number of health issues, including constipation. This medical condition is especially common among older adults.

Therefore, you might want to add foods that are high in fiber into your diet as you age. This can not only keep your digestive system regular, but also has other health benefits and lowers your risk of many conditions, including colorectal cancer.

Be Sure to Drink Up

While what you eat matters as you age, so does what you drink. As we age, we can become more prone to dehydration. Therefore, it is vital that you try to drink enough water throughout the day.

Don't just drink water when you feel thirsty. Instead, sip water continuously throughout the day—by the time you feel thirsty, you may already be slightly dehydrated.

Are you worried your loved one isn't getting the proper nutrition he or she needs while at home? Contact our in-home care providers at Qualicare to learn how we can help!

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