Have Fun in the Summer Sun With Your Elderly Loved Ones | Qualicare

Have Fun in the Summer Sun With Your Elderly Loved Ones | Qualicare

Who wants to stay inside all day when the sun is shining bright outside?

Our team at Qualicare wants to give you some ideas of summer activities you can participate in this summer with your elderly loved one in tow!

Summer Fun

While the heat can make it hard for older adults to stay outside all day, that doesn’t mean that they have to stay indoors every day throughout the summer months.

Let’s look at some activities you can participate in with your elderly loved ones to help make even more memories this summer!

Play a Game

Whether inside or outside, games can be fun way to help get your loved one active while also helping his or her brain active and engaged.

A simple game of horseshoes in the backyard is one fun idea, while a scavenger hunt in the neighborhood is another.

Play Tourist

It can be easy to get used to having certain tourist spots at your disposal to the point where you don’t think about them when planning activities for your loved ones.

But take advantage! Use the summer months to go on outings with your elderly loved ones to visit local tourist attractions.

Take a field trip to a local museum, garden or zoo. Or you can see a play or check out what special events are coming into town this summer. Don’t forget that even though you live in your town day in and day out, you can still play tourist!

Play in the Water

Don’t underestimate the power of water this summer!

Not only can visiting your local watering hole be a wonderful opportunity to make memories with your loved one, but water can also help keep your loved one cool when out in the hot sun.

Exercise is important as we age. Take advantage of the swimming pools during the summer season to help improve your loved one’s health through exercise.

If you’re out of ideas, our caregivers can help!

Does your loved one need some extra care, but still wants to remain independent? Visit the Qualicare website today to learn how our services can help improve quality of life and help him or her hold on to some independence.

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