Lift Your Loved One's Spirits This Holiday! | Qualicare

Lift Your Loved One's Spirits This Holiday! | Qualicare

Sadness, loneliness and depression are a sad reality for many older adults. As we age, we lose loved ones and leave behind parts of life we truly enjoyed. That makes things more difficult.

The holiday season can make those feelings even more pronounced. That's why our team at Qualicare want to give you some ideas of how to bring holiday cheer to an aging loved one this year.

Read on as we take a look.

Take Time to Listen

Every now and then, we just need someone to listen to us. This may be exactly what your loved one needs— someone who will just sit down and listen to him or her.

Take some time this holiday season to spend with your loved one, talking over coffee or tea. Ask your loved one how he or she is feeling and just get a good glimpse at what's going on in life.

Don't listen with the intent to offer a solution—simply listen to truly hear your loved one. There really is a difference! 

Create New Traditions

While old holiday traditions are wonderful, they can also cause sadness at times when cherished loved ones are no longer around. For instance, did a loved one who passed away always put the topper on the tree or read a holiday story at night?

Perhaps switch some traditions up so that they bring about new, good memories rather than sad ones. That doesn't mean that you don't need to honor or remember your loved ones who have passed away this holiday season, but maybe do so in a way that brings a smile instead of a frown.

Add some new traditions to the mix and build new memories to enjoy for years and years to come!

Could your loved one benefit from in-home care? Contact our Qualicare team to learn how we can help!

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