When Was *Your* Last Wellness Visit? | Qualicare

When Was *Your* Last Wellness Visit? | Qualicare


As we age, one of our main goals is to go through the aging process as gracefully as possible. However, there might be one important step you personally are missing—the annual wellness visit. If you’re too busy caring for your loved one, the team at Qualicare wants you to know that it’s time to also put your health into focus.

Stay Healthy!

Chances are you’ve been to a number of physician’s appointments lately—but the key is that they probably haven’t been for you. And while the health of your loved one is a priority for you, it’s also important that you take the time to go to a physician for your own wellness check.

During your annual wellness check, your physician can gather information to ensure your health is where it needs to be and is on the right track for the future. In addition, it gives your physician a chance to compare this year’s numbers to last year’s to see if there is any aspect of your health that might have changed for the negative. Remember, early detection is key when it comes to many health conditions. The earlier you are diagnosed, the better your chances of survival. So why not visit your physician once a year in order to gain a diagnosis—if there is one—at the earliest stage possible?

This appointment also gives you the chance to discuss with your physician things you can do to continue to improve your health. Your physician can help give you tips on diet and exercise, as well as how to improve your overall mental health.

Remember, caregiving can be extremely hard—both mentally and physically. While it’s important to undergo yearly exams in general for your health, it’s even more important during this time as a caregiver. Don’t let your health suffer. Your loved one needs you—and you need your health.

Have you put your own health aside in order to better care for your loved one? Stop! Visit the Qualicare website today to learn how our team can help give you time to take care of your own health in order to better be there for your loved one.

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