How to Help Your Loved One Maintain a Sense of Self-esteem | Qualicare

How to Help Your Loved One Maintain a Sense of Self-esteem | Qualicare


The team at Qualicare wants you to think back to a time when you were younger. It could have been a moment when you attended a new school, or a moment during a sporting event where you maybe were not the best player on the team.

Chances are, when your self-esteem was down, your loved one was there to pick you back up. Well, the tables have now turned. If your loved one is currently suffering from dementia, here are some ways to help him or her maintain that same self-esteem he or she helped you with when you were younger.

Help Your Loved One Develop Self-esteem Again

There are many ways you can help to support a healthy self-esteem in a loved one suffering from dementia.

First, always try to praise him or her for a job well done. Even if it’s something as simple as being able to help around the house, make the bed, etc., there is always something you can find that he or she did good at.

However, don’t “baby talk” your loved one when praise is being given. Talk to him or her like an adult. To do otherwise can seem patronizing. Even though that isn’t your intention, the praise you are giving and the self-esteem you are trying to foster is getting lost because of the voice you are using. Therefore, demonstrate appreciation to your loved one as you would any other adult.

Second, ask your loved one to help you with daily tasks. Many times we tend to leave our loved ones out of things because we think of him or her and the condition—not just as a person. As a result, you are isolating your loved one even more, although maybe not on purpose.

Continue trying to treat your loved one as you would if he or she didn’t have dementia. Just including him or her can help your loved one to feel needed. Also, be sure to thank your loved one for his or her help.

Finally, bring your loved one a gift that can help bring a sense of value to him or her. Make it personal, while also having it be visual in appeal. It could be anything from a scrapbook you made him or her specifically to a blanket you made together.

At Qualicare, our team wants to help you in building up your loved one’s self-esteem. Visit the Qualicare website to learn how our services can help fit your family’s needs.

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