Canada 150 - A Canadian Story

Canada 150 - A Canadian Story


A great Canadian and a great Qualicare caregiver

Canadians, who are typically low-key, have been showing uncharacteristic pride on this 150th anniversary of Confederation. One major source of pride has been Canada’s integration of immigrant groups. We have the highest per capita immigration rate in the world and we currently welcome 1 in 10 of the world’s refugees.

Our country has grown economically, socially and culturally and Qualicare has benefitted greatly as the vast majority of our caregivers come from other countries.

They are excellent caregivers because each one brings a personal story of strength, dedication, and ability to conquer the odds. This gives them the skills and attitude to handle one of the most challenging professions - going into stranger’s homes and caring for our clients with the intimacy that normally is reserved for family members.

In honour of Canada‘s 150th, here is a story of a great new Canadian and a great Qualicare caregiver.

Twenty years ago, Maria, her husband, and their 10-year-old son were living in a country that had ongoing rebel insurrection. A joyful weekend turned into complete sorrow as her husband, a military employee, was ambushed and killed by guerillas on his way home. After taking away a beloved husband and father, the rebels called Maria that evening and warned her that if she and her son didn’t leave, they would be also killed. She immediately fled to another part of the country to be with her parents, but the rebels tracked her down and threatened her again saying they knew where she was and they would be coming to execute her and her son.

Maria had no choice but to leave with her son right away. Thankfully, they were able to get into Canada as refugees – with no English, no profession, and very little money.

This might have paralyzed a lesser person, but Maria had two attributes that enabled her to survive – a positive attitude and a giving outlook. She fought hard to make a life for her and her son. She went to school to learn English and gain Caregiver certification. And in her spare time, she became deeply involved volunteering in her ex-pat community by using her professional training from her previous life.


She is happy.

She is proud that she has a 30-year married son who is her best friend.

She is grateful to be in Canada, a country that has given her a second chance.

She is fulfilled in a profession that allows her to care for people.

Every business likes to pride itself on having great employees. If you really believe that, then listen to their stories. Learn from their experiences and what made them the kind of people you wanted to hire.

And see them all as the heroes they are.

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