Making Your Home Senior Friendly

Making Your Home Senior Friendly


Elder care advice on making your home more senior friendly

It is a known fact that seniors are more prone to falling and hurting themselves. As we grow older, our sense of balance becomes diminished and the stability of our stature is often weaker. Many falls happen right inside our own homes! The bathroom is the most common place where falls occur. Our elder care professionals advise you to follow these steps:

  • Remove clutter. The more clutter, the easier it will be to trip on something.
  • Install handrails everywhere there is a staircase.
  • On the end of each stair, add a contrasting colour strip so that it is clear where one stair ends and the next stair begins.
  • In areas which tend to have dimmer lighting, use a nightlight (particularly at the top and bottom of stairs, in the bedrooms and bathrooms).
  • Refrain from wearing socks or slippers without non-slip bottoms. Wear proper footwear around the house with soles that have non-skid bottoms.
  • Remove any loose carpets around your house. Apply non-slip backings to your carpets and rugs.
  • “Grab bars” near toilets and bathtubs can be very helpful. Grab bars give us the chance to lower ourselves slowly and safely.

Caregivers can customize a senior’s home to fit their needs

Caregivers, friends and family members caring for an elderly person or inhabiting a senior in their home are encouraged to take a walk around and assess the safety of the home. Many injuries can be avoided by taking the necessary measures. Any of the offices at our many Qualicare Franchise locations can help with home customizations to suit a senior or other adult’s healthcare needs. If a senior needs help staying independent in their home, please contact us.

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Make your home safer by taking the following steps... Learn more.

Contact Qualicare if your loved one needs elder care or homecare.

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