"Ask a Nurse" Just Found Out My Father Has Liver Cancer


Palliative care for a father with liver cancer

Question: Dear Qualicare, I have just experienced something that I never thought possible, and I need to have some information to help me figure out what to do next. After waiting in the hospital for hours, we just found out that my father has liver cancer. They told us that my dad is dying and we should investigate our options for his palliative care. I noticed your site indicates that you will help us in this situation and we need more information. We want to do everything for him that we possibly can. Please get back to me either by email or telephone.

Answer from our senior care experts: Dear Beth, Thank you for approaching us about your father. It must be very frightening for your family and I am sure its overwhelming for you. I am sorry to hear about this misfortune but we can help you make sure he is properly cared for and comfortable. I know it's not easy to know whether you are doing as much as possible but we'll help you understand your options so you can choose the right path for your family. A good way for us to help you get started is with our "Options Assessment". You should attend this session before hospital discharge and with your father and any other involved members of your family. Our Registered Nurse Care Manager will facilitate a discussion to understand your family and their desires, your environment and all factors of your father's medical condition, to explain the feasible options, make recommendations and to understand how to make the choice. In addition, the nurse will help you understand how to achieve your plans on your own or with Qualicare's help. There are a number of palliative care options - each fitting family circumstances differently as each have considerations that will affect your choices. Your family will have to get educated and make choices that are best for you; but you will not be alone. Qualicare can stay with you and your family, offering support, guidance, excellent healthcare services and the peace of mind that you are doing everything possible for your father.
-Diane RN - Qualicare

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