Help at Home Keeps Sisters Safe

Help at Home Keeps Sisters Safe

Two sisters (81 and 71) who live together, not far from their doctor’s office, decided to visit. This visit, to their family doctor was motivated by the fact that the older sister had a fall that needed immediate medical attention. However, there was another underlying issue that their Doctor noted and was able to recommend a simple and effective solution. During her appointment, the younger sister indicated that she felt overwhelmed by the responsibility of being her older sister’s primary care giver. She admitted that she needed help to maintain her sister’s well being comfortably and safely at home. She had previously looked at home care for her sister but had not acted. In response, their Doctor gave them a Qualicare brochure and suggested they call. That simple gesture empowered the sisters to take action, which enabled them to adjust to their situation, with help. Qualicare provided an experienced team of two consistent caregivers (PSWs), for 4 hours every day. They are available to help with personal care, cooking, light housekeeping and companionship. The sisters felt that they “clicked” with the PSWs and that cost was comparable to other providers. After some experience they saw Qualicare PSWs were efficient, well trained and likeable. These two sisters appreciated the fact that their doctor took the time to suggest calling Qualicare and felt that the simple referral she made has proven to make a huge difference in their lives.
  • Comfort from the Start

    A Helping Hand With Health Care and Home Care For many years, my sister had been the primary caregiver for our mother who needed considerable care for her diabetes, heart condition and mobility issues. Tragically, my wonderful sister also became ill with cancer and I became responsible for the care ...
  • Expert Care Coordination

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  • Family Support

    Our R.N. case manager arranged follow-up meetings with the necessary specialists and organized the PSW's for homecare, as required. Her nurse remained on-call through all her difficult nights, making sure she was available, anytime she was needed. At the patient's request, our nurse manager ...