Enhanced care to help you manage

Your parents are no longer independent. You now have the responsibility of being their caregiver and you find yourself faced with questions and challenges to help you deal with the everyday needs of your parents or other family members.

Coordinating medical activities has become the norm. At times, home modifications are needed or guidance and assistance moving to an entirely new dwelling is important. Supplies and equipment may be required and numerous doctors’ appointments and related activities must be attended. The practical decisions you face can seem overwhelming.

Despite how hard you try, elderly parents often find themselves alone when it comes to combating acute or chronic illnesses. They want their children to be caring rather than being the ones providing care and giving them direction. That's where Qualicare comes in.

Many times, adult children of seniors may live in a different city or may not be as available as needed. Many recognize the need and value of comprehensive professional assistance.

Our nursing team works to provide individually focused, specialized healthcare solutions to help seniors maintain their optimum level of emotional and physical health. Whether you are caring for seniors or other family members, our Registered Nurse, Case Managers stand by your side, coordinating the appropriate complement of service.

Families who want to help their parents maintain independent lifestyles in their homes or who need their care managed or monitored, may use these Qualicare services;

  • Geriatric Care Management
  • Companionship, home-making and light house-keeping
  • Accompaniment to Doctors’ appointments
  • Management of daily living activities
  • 24 hour monitoring and support by a Registered Nurse

When it comes to comprehensive parent care:

  • We are capable of providing all levels of service to address both physical and emotional needs.
  • Doctor’s rely on us to extend their reach beyond their office
  • Children rely on us to assist them, intervene on their behalf and guide their parents.
  • Qualicare can be the single point of contact – coordinating care and managing activity.
  • A personalized healthcare plan is created for each patient.
  • An experienced R.N. manages each case, prioritizing continuity of care and undiluted personal attention.
  • An R.N. case manager is on-call for monitoring and support 24/7.