More Nutritional Suggestions for Seniors

More Nutritional Suggestions for Seniors

  • Being Disabled in Nunavut

    Carol Cruden, RPN Qualicare Franchise Corporation Recently I worked as a nurse in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut in the Killaiq Health Centre. It was an eye-opening experience dealing with the challenges of health care system in the Canadian North. As an example, there is the issue of wheelchairs. The ...
  • Once a Wheelchair, Not Always the Same Wheelchair

    Carol Cruden RPN Qualicare Franchsie Corporation Most of us would never think twice about those large, awkward and seemingly hard to manoeuver wheelchairs that a percentage of our population have to use. But for those who rely on one, it is as important as a set of legs. Wheelchairs have come a long ...
  • What Happens to the Disabled When Everyone's Disabled?

    Caregiving for the disabled at home What happens to the disabled when everyone’s disabled? Raphael Adams Qualicare Franchise Corporation Disability : ‘any reduction or lack of ability, caused by impairment, to perform an activity in a way considered normal for a human being.’ (World Health ...