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Question: My mother, in her 80’s, had a stroke a year ago; and since then has been requiring assistance at home 24 hours a day. My father has pancreatic cancer and is also living with her in the family home, but is unable to care for his wife; including assisting with Activities of Daily Living. My siblings and I have organized care for them, paying on an hourly basis; however the cost of this means that my parents’ finances are quickly being eroded. They do need help around the clock. Do you have any suggestions for care that includes them being able to stay in their own home?

Answer: Dear Rachel, In our experience we have found that, if there is space in the home for a caregiver to have her own bedroom, that ‘sponsoring’ a foreign caregiver is both very rewarding and cost effective. The candidates that have been sponsored through Qualicare have been very committed to their clients, and stay with them for the duration of their sponsorship which is up to 3 years.
Maggie RN -Qualicare

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